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At ChicMed, you can now get rid of those bothersome spider veins on your legs! Generally red, blue or purple in color, they look like clusters of tiny tree branches or spider webs and can be found in small or large areas of the skin. They usually appear on the face, legs and feet. Spider veins do not tend to hurt, but they can be a bothersome cosmetic issue that can be easily resolved with laser treatment. The laser is administered on the outside of the skin but effectively targets the superficial veins found just under the skin’s surface.

How does Laser Spider Vein Removal work?

The vascular attachment of the GentleMax Pro is used to improve the appearance and even diminish superficial spider veins all together by capturing the hemoglobin within the vein causing the vessel to close. This method of treatment is a quick and painless solution to the unsightly cosmetic problem spider veins present. Repeat sessions every 6-8 weeks is recommended to successfully destroy the vein.

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